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Ruthless Focus is not just a term, it is a concept about business strategy and organizational design.

We took growth company strategies, researched examples of successfully focused companies using those strategies over time, and developed a roadmap for adopting a growth strategy for your company.

We found companies who have a clear aim at what they are trying to do, and in dozens of cases, have enviable track records doing it for many years.

Running a business is difficult to begin with, but running a business without a strong core strategy is much more difficult. Ruthless focus on a key strategy and a business design that supports it helps bring order to the chaotic world of growing a business today.

It helps give organizations a clearer path, helps remove many of the distractions, helps put things in perspective, and helps goals become clearer.

It is our hope that you will read this book, apply the concepts to your business, and leave the thousands of distractions in life to your competitors.


This book is dedicated to Lynn Mapes, one of the great minds behind The Partnership for a Drug-Free America, and the person who first told me about the concept of “ruthless focus.”

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Tom Hall has advised clients on growth as well as growing companies himself. Tom founded and sold the largest advertising education program in the country... About Tom Hall
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