Use Core Competencies to Write Your Strategy

It’s easy to get distracted when writing your business’s core strategy. Business owners and business unit leaders can miss key observations inside their organizations to help lead the way with an effective strategy. Core competencies is a top indicator to help drive your strategy. The Harvard Business Review has a series of explainer videos and […]

Writing a Strategy is a Day One Requirement

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In this contemporary era, many individuals decide to pursue their dream of running their own business. If you want your entrepreneurial endeavors to be successful, it’s important to know that having a strategic plan is not an option. Rather, it is imperative. And an early one. Review this short reference guide Tom Hall, author of […]

5 Ways to Test Your Business Strategy’s Worth

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Businesses have to be nimble enough to adapt to a changing marketplace, but having a laser focus on your strategy will keep you on the right path. Before you get too heads down, run a strategy test to make sure it’s the right one. Companies often want to adopt fresh strategies that are the leading […]

Why Great Leaders Get Distracted

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Forget about the 8-hour work day. There are so many interruptions that you can’t get 8 hours of actual work done. At times all you want is a little peace from these distractions and a way to unwind and regain mental clarity. But business leaders are faced with the fact that technology is taking over […]

So You Think You Have a Business Strategy

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What you think is your business strategy might actually be a to-do list or compilation of your goals. Although the two are similar and influence each other, a business strategy and a goal are separate things that can take you down different paths. Once you realize how they’re different and begin to hone in on […]

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